In addition to the footwear, furniture and bookbinding sectors, in recent years Mabel has expanded its production range to the hospital and bedding sectors.


Highly engineered technical fabrics that satisfy the highest standards.
From labels for aggressive washings to PU films for the construction industry.

Mabel operates in the industrial textile applications sector, producing highly engineered technical materials that satisfy the most exacting requirements of companies.

How industrial textile applications can be used:

  • Labels that are resistant to aggressive washing and cleaning processes;
  • PU films for the construction industry;
  • Polyurethane films and coatings designed for CIPP;
  • Technical coating for automotive applications.
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As a leader of coagulated and coated textiles in POLYURETHANE and PVC, Mabel has established a high quality standard across its entire range of synthetic materials.

After more than 20 years of experience in the business, our company has established a very high quality standard on the whole range of synthetic materials intended for the most diversified sectors.

Mabel has been supplying the largest companies in the sector, in Italy and abroad, always ensuring precise and reliable production times.

Nowadays the company is a leading producer of coagulated and coated fabrics in POLYURETHANE and PVC.

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Our company’s Mabelmed brand guarantees the highest quality of technical coatings for the hospital sector.

Our brand MABELMED represents a guarantee of top quality for the hospital and bedding sectors.

Thanks to the engineering of our polyurethane coatings on different textile supports, we ensure the respect of the highest norms at worldwide level regarding fire resistance, waterproofness, breathability, cytotoxicity and biocompatibility, maintaining the highest resistances to washings and sterilizations.

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Since 2010 Mabel has been producing AppleSkin, a vegan material with a low environmental impact, made with apple waste from the agrifood industry.

Through a coagulation process that replaces 50% of fossil derivative with 50% of product coming from apple peels and cores rom food industry discards, it is realized a vegetal material able to replace animal leather.