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Sustainability is about safeguarding our planet for future generations. It involves responsible resource management, social equity, and economic prosperity, while preserving cultural heritage. Education, collaboration, and innovation are key drivers of sustainability. By making sustainable choices and advocating for change, we can create a better future for all.


A new vision, alternative paths to explore: Mabel since 2010 has been active in the production of eco-sustainable material from vegetable processing waste for the leather, footwear and paper industry. We were the first to imagine a future related to ecological innovation in our industry.

A Durable Choice.

The technology developed by Mabel makes this material appropriate for any type of use, with the same mechanical resistance as any other synthetic fabric.

Apple Powder

Currently are estimated about 30,000 tons of apple wastes.  If not reused by Mabel this discards cause high costs of waste management for the companies.

A Green Choice.

Carbon footprint of polyurethane (foam) is 5,28Kg CO2 eq/Kg PU, in comparison recovered waste is impact zero.

Therfore every Kg of apple residuals used to substitute PU means 5,28Kg of CO2 saved.

A Solution by MABEL Ind.

This powder is used by Mabel to substitute oil derivatives (such as PU) with 100% organic industrial wastes.

At the end of the process we obtain a vegan and sustainable material able to replace real leather, widely used in the consumer industry.

Uppeal™ represents the best combination of reducing fossil-based raw materials and the high quality of durable, high-performance products.

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